The Magnate Properties is a Real Estate Investment Company (REIC) and a division of The Magnate Group. We manage third party properties and our own properties.

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Our Mission

To provide shelter to businesses and individuals through revolutionizing real estate (To shelter humanity)

Our Vision

To become the largest single holder of real estate.


At Magnate Properties, we have the people, the tools, the experience, and the expertise to accommodate a wide variety of property management requirements. We work with our clients to manage and maintain their properties and make key decisions that will help them ultimately reach their goals. In a nutshell, we simply succeed when our clients do.


  • Residential Property Management Services
  • Commercial Property Management Services
  • Guest Houses/Hotel Management Services
  • Apartment Blocks Maintenance Services
  • HOA Property Management Services (Home Owners Associations)
  • Property Cleaning and Maintenance Services – Hotels/Businesses

Magnate Properties works in tandem with the Magnate Group construction divisions in maintaining the well-being of your property/ies. Giving us your property to manage will benefit you in more ways than one:

  1. You will be dealing with renowned builders and renovators who understand the nitty-gritties of properties, construction and the renovation game ensuring your property is kept in mint condition.
  2. We provide ongoing general maintenance of your property at no extra cost to you (T&Cs apply)
  3. We offer free advice on your property’s well-being and how to increase value through less cost effective renovation, alterations or maintenance.
  4. We offer compliance certification (Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)
  5. We provide daily or bi-weekly cleaning services to guest houses, Hotels, HOA, and various Income properties, etc.)


You can count on Magnate Properties to manage your income property or seasonal vacation properties in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

With our strong construction background we provide scheduled walk-through inspections on properties for its security and your peace of mind.

We ensure your property is kept in mint condition through performing periodic checks on your property in relation to maintenance or structural snags/defects/wear and tear effects.

Magnate Properties is actively searching for homes for sale in Cape Town. If you have a house for sale or a property in any condition – Magnate Properties has a solution for you.

We find properties for every buyer. We offer creative solutions to make you buy a home. If you’re renting right now, Magnate Properties can make you a home owner by giving you a head start in the property ownership game. We also give you advice before you make your decision to purchase a property after performing a thorough due diligence walk in inspections with you/seller or Agents.

We provide advice concerning property repairs, maintenance, renovations and any alterations that might be required to add to your property bottom line.

Magnate Properties offers fast closing on most deals – you get the cash you need faster. Are you selling your home or want to rent out your property? Contact us to find out how you can have an unfair advantage in the market. We can give you a head start and offer your property a second chance in financial terms.

We specialize in purchasing houses from owners on an “as is” condition basis.

There are many situations where good people simply can no longer make the payments on their homes – let us help you get back on your feet. In the aftermath of knowing who we are and the service package we offer, perhaps, you will dismiss any feeling you might have had while reading this website that this company promises too much. What we add to your bottom line will undoubtedly dispel such doubts.

Drop us an email on or submit an enquiry through the website’s contact form with subject line – “Property” followed by the detail on how you want us to be of assistance. The Magnate Properties team will revert back to you shortly.