The Magnate Foundation is a non-profit division of The Magnate Group with an ultimate goal to give back to communities (Give it Back/Philanthropy)

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Our Mission

To alleviate the sufferings and uplifting the well-being of humanity.

Our Vision

To become the largest charitable foundation in the world through generational empowerment.


The Magnate Foundation/Trust is a not-for-profit division of The Magnate Group set up to provide free community services to local communities. Apart from providing financial assistance to those identified as in need the foundation is mandated to providing free renovations services to elderly homes and orphanages around the Western Cape Province of South Africa.


The year 2010 is a year to remember in the history of The Magnate Group. While working at an old people’s home in the Western Cape. The Project Managers were overwhelmed by the dilapidated state of the old people’s home in question. In a nutshell, we were called to attention to fix a plumbing problem only to find out the property needed more than just a plumbing service. The Project managers came up with a progress report and suggested we offer a free complete renovation service to revamp the whole property at no cost to the client. For the next two weeks of May 2010 the Magnate Group team worked day and night shifts revamping, renovating, painting and bringing the property back to life. To cut the long story short – when the team reported back to the offices we were all thinking of a way of giving back to the communities that we serve. From 2016, we were actively involved in offering free renovations services to selected Orphanages and Old people’s homes in the Western Cape on Nelson Mandela Day, 18th of July, of every year. To this day, we’ve no plans to stop.

We do not seek outside donors to fund this great cause. The Magnate Group deducts a certain percentage of monies earned from its day to day profitable projects to promote this initiative. This is a social project funded from within the group.

Contact our foundation team on or submit an enquiry through the website’s contact form with subject line – “Nelson Mandela day social project” followed by the description of the painting service you wish to be considered on the next Nelson Mandela Day. Kindly take note that only our painting service is offered to qualifying Old people’s homes and Orphanages in the Western Cape. The foundation team makes an appointment to come and check the state of the properties prior to confirming any project start dates on Nelson Mandela Day. Qualifying old people’s homes or orphanages will be notified only through email